Bricked Android Tablet Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

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Hi there..! I need quick help. Last night I installed new updates and some new apps on my Android Tablet, after which it got restarted. I thought it was normal restart but was surprise to see that my Tablet got struck at booting screen. I tried restarting it again, hoping that it may work in my favor and make things normal again, but no use. It looks like it has become unusable, as it’s not giving any response to my any input or touch. This is very frustrating as it has turned completely unresponsive and made my all favorite games, music and other app unreachable. Please help me to solve this irritating issue by suggesting an optimum solution. Any advice or help is highly appreciated, thank you.

Looking at the above mentioned scenarios it looks like Tablet is bricked. Technically speaking bricking is state of unresponsiveness were Android devices becomes unusable. Well it’s obvious that you get frustrate when you Android Tablet stop responding to your input, as it may contain all your precious data. Relax from now onwards you need not to be worry, as this problem can be solved using a commanding Android data recovery tool and you can recover data from bricked Android Tablet in just couple of minutes.

Tablets are portable devices that can be used anywhere as these are easily to carry along and offer long battery life. These are considered as best source of entertainment, since these are blended with many incredible features and inbuilt apps. Tablets are called as Smart devices which are developed on Android operating system. These devices prove as a best friend, while traveling, working and at your free time by provides its users with wide variety of games, music and apps to play along which keeps them busy. Unfortunately these devices are not completely free from risk of data loss and may give you hard time by restricting you from accessing your data when these get bricked, corrupt or inaccessible.

How Android gets bricked?

As discussed earlier it’s a state of unresponsiveness and there are many reasons for it, but most of the time it occurs when you try to root your Android device. Many of you may not know rooting of device, well rooting is a process of using super user privileges. However, rooting attracts many Android users as they are allowed to enter the operating system and customize their device, but improper rooting might brick your Android device and result in data loss. Sadly, there are several other reasons that results in data loss, some of those are mentioned below.

Reasons for data loss…

  • Accidentally deleting important files and folders
  • Unknowingly making use of “Factory reset” option
  • Formatting Tablet without securing the necessary backup, etc
  • Insecure downloads on your Tablet might lead to corruption issues

How to recover data from Bricked Android Tablet?

There is misbelieve that bricked Android Tablets or devices can’t be fixed, but here is smart way to restore lost data from bricked Android tablet – Remo Recover. It is an effective and efficient Android recovery tool that is ingrained with ultra high tech recovery modules and capable of executing trouble free recovery of bricked Android Tablet that too in very quick span of time. This unbeatable tool is awarded as best tool for bricked Android Tablet recovery and has a long list of loyal customers. By connecting your bricked Tablet to any Windows OS computer you can accomplish bricked Android Tablet recovery.

Fabulous features of Remo Recover..!

  • Engineered with best Android recovery features and capable of performing bricked Android Tablet recovery from severe data loss scenarios
  • Makes a complete scan of both the memories of Android devices and pull back each file without leaving any traces of lost data
  • Help you to get back bricked Android Tablet data like audios, videos, images, documents, applications, etc
  • Supports recovery data from nearly all versions of Android OS

Procedure to bricked Android Tablet recovery using Remo Recover: -

Step 1: Connect your Android Tablet to Windows system using a USB cable and from the main screen select “Recover Lost Files” option.

Bricked Android Tablet Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Wait until connection gets established.

Recover Data from Bricked Android Tablet - Detecting Device

Figure B: Detecting Device

Step 3: Select Tablet storage drive and click “Next” button for software to begin scanning process.

Recovery of Bricked Android Tablet - Select Tablet Drive

Figure C: Select Tablet Drive

Step 4: Software completes scanning process, after which you can view list of recovered data in two types of view which are “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Restore Lost Data from Bricked Android Tablet - List of Recovered Data

Figure D: List of Recovered Data

Step 5: Recovered data / files like images can be previewed using "Preview" option and save it to any location accessible to host computer.

Get Back Bricked Android Tablet Data - Preview Recovered Data

Figure E: Preview Recovered Data