Recover APK Files from Android

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Best Tool for Android .apk file recovery on Windows PC!

Application Package File is a variant of the JAR file format, created by Google to support distribution and installation of Android OS based application software. It is an archive that natively contains the code files, resource files and Android Manifest.xml folder. If the APK file is corrupted, damaged or deleted because of any reason, then you will not be able to enjoy features of several apps on your Android device. Therefore, in order to enjoy running applications like games, media players, photo apps and other programs in Android device, it is necessary to take help of an effective tool, which supports Android APK recovery for PC.

Android technology is a relative newcomer to the Smartphone market, that's why availability of Android supported data recovery tools are very less. However, you may find some powerful professional applications that support Android APK recovery for PC but among those apps, Remo Recover Android is the best one. Android recovery APK utility is designed with the most advanced data extraction techniques and it guarantees a complete risk-free method to recover APK files from Android devices in few simple mouse clicks.

Reasons behind loss or deletion of APK files:

Virus invasion-While downloading an application or other files into the Android phone, viruses like malware, adwares or spywares may attack your phone. Either these harmful programs may delete your application package files or change the entire structure of APK files in your Android phone.

Factory Data Reset- Act of restoring Android Phone to its default factory settings by opting "Factory Data Reset" option results in deletion of .apk files, several third party application’s program files and user defined settings. In such case, you must use this tool to restore .apk from Android phone.

Expired URL- Within the APK application, when a user downloads a file, Google Play provides a unique URL for each downloadable file. If the URL expires during delayed file download or upload process, there are strong chances of failure of Android .apk files.

Obb / Directory- If you save any data file onto Obb/ directory then it may reflect unexpected changes to the existing file type thereby making the .apk files inaccessible.

Apart from above listed reasons, accidental deletion of .apk files, faulty upload method, storage drive corruption, format operation etc. are also equally responsible for loss or deletion of .apk files. If you have Remo Recover Android with you, above issues wouldn’t vex you as you can easily restore .apk Android files.

Why APK file recovery with Remo Recover Android?

  • Offers quick retrieval of deleted or lost.apk files
  • Performs deep scanning of Android phone’s internal memory area and external memory area, hence safely and securly retrieves android apk files and other data
  • Supports APK file recovery from all media gadgets based on different versions of the Android operating system
  • Preview option facilitates users to view recovered data before saving
  • With save recovery session option, users can avoid re-scanning

Useful tips to avoid data loss from Android Phones!

  • To make APK files safe, do not save any data onto Obb/directory
  • Always maintain backup of Android data
  • Scan your Android device at regular intervals with an efficient anti-virus program

Simple steps for APK file recovery on Android!

Step 1: To perform Android .apk file recovery, first you have to download and install the demo version of Remo Recover Android on your system and then connect Android device. After launching the software, you will find a home screen as shown in figure A. Here select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option according to scenario.

Android APK Recovery for PC - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2:Once Remo Recover Android software recognizes your Android device, a window will be displayed with detected Android device, as shown in figure B.

Android APK Recovery for PC - Android Device Detected

Figure B: Android Device Detected

Step 3: On next Window, select the Android storage drive from the given list of drives as shown in figure C.

Android APK Recovery for PC - Select Android Storage Drive

Figure C: Select Android Storage Drive

Step 4: After completeion of recovery process, you can see the list of APK files recovered from Android device as shown in figure D.

Android APK Recovery for PC - List of Restored Files

Figure D: List of Restored Files

Step 5: Use save recovery session option to avoid re-scanning of storage drive as shown in figure E.

Android APK Recovery for PC - Save Recovery Session

Figure E: Save Recovery Session