Android Recovery for Windows

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Smart Strategy to perform Android Recovery for Windows

“I am going through an awkward dilemma. Yesterday, when I was changing some storage settings of my Android phone, I accidentally pressed on format option. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what I have really done. All the data saved on your Android phone was deleted instantly. I have lost all my favorite collection of music, pictures and videos files. I need them very badly. Can anyone help me out it getting them back?”

You might have come across a similar situation like this. However, you need not panic thinking about the loss. Now it is possible to restore your lost data within a couple of minutes. This page gives you a brief introduction about an amazing Remo Recover tool that enables users to recover Android on Windows using its smart scanning mechanism.

Android is today’s user’s first choice in Smartphone and Tablets. It is possible for you to send mails, browse certain related topics, see your location in Google maps, capture photos, record videos with a single Android device in your hand. What can be more amazing than this? Isn’t it? Android phones and tablets support two types of storage one is internal and other a SD card. Users can save their data in any location as per his convenience. Files on Android are more likely to be lost when you come across certain unfortunate events. Such files can be gained back with the use of data recovery

What do you mean by data recovery?

Data recovery refers to the process of recovering your files that you had deleted or lost as a result of virus, accidental deletion, software malfunction etc. When a file is lost from the Android phone, people believe that the world as ended for them, but this is not a reality. In majority of times, data can be recovered. This is possible because the deleted file still resides in the same Android drive and only the file pointer which indicates the program where the file is located is gone. Due to this, the file becomes inaccessible for the Android operating system. These files can be scanned and retrieved by the use of recovery software. There are several good recovery tools out there, but the best one among these is Remo Recover

There are several circumstances where you lose data from Android devices. For instance, consider a scenario where you were performing a update and suddenly your phones turns off. After switching on your phone, you may find your files missing from the device. It is possible to restore Android on Windows by using Remo Recover tool.

When you delete a file accidentally on computers you can simply navigate to the Recycle Bin and restore it back. But, when you delete a file unintentionally from Android phone it is deleted completely, since it does not contain a temporary storage of deleted files like Recycle Bin. However, such instances are unpredictable and can only be avoided if you are attentive in your work.

However, taking the backup can be preventive measures for saving your Android files from loss. If you have lost your data and have no backup files to rely on, then make use of Remo Recover which is a best Android recovery tool for Windows.

Remo Recover is completely reliable and quick recovery software which enables you to get back all the deleted/lost data from your Android phones. This extensive android recovery software for Windows is developed by a team of professional experts specially for recovering your files from Android. You can use this software on popular Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and more. It also offers a preview functionality that lets you to view recovered files prior to saving it

How to recover Android on Windows?

Step 1: Execute the app on your Windows system. Now from the home screen select "Recover Files" option

Android Recovery for Windows - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: To initiate the recovery process, select the Android drive from where you lost your files.

Android Recovery software for Windows - Select Android Drive

Figure B: Select Android Drive

Step 3: The software scans a retrieves all the files as shown in figure C. Select the required files and save it to a valid location

Recover Android On Windows- List of Recovered Lost Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Files