Restore Lost Files on Android

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to Recover Lost Files from Android?

“I’m using latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, it has attractive graphical user interface and some other outstanding features in it. Samsung Galaxy S4 also includes exceptional gaming features and I have got around 30 latest racing games. My friend was impressed from one of the racing game which I had and he asked me to send .apk file of that racing game. So, I started sharing .apk file through Bluetooth, unfortunately I didn’t notice that my phone is running out of battery. Suddenly phone got turned off during transfer process and after sometime I turned on my Smartphone, to play games but not even a single .apk file was present in the phone. Now I have lost all racing game’s .apk files I don’t have any patience to download them again, is there any way to get back all lost .apk files from Galaxy S4 Android phone?”

Don’t fright, be calm you can easily bring back all your lost .apk files by using an ideal file recovery tool for Android device. But, before that you should make sure your lost .apk files are not overwritten from any new data.

Some typical file loss scenario’s in Android:-

  • Due to file system corruption on memory card, you might end up losing vital files from Android
  • Sometimes even because of viruses infections you may lose essential files from Android phones
  • Android Operating System up-gradation sometimes result in loss of files from your Android phone
  • Sudden power cut off while transferring valuable files from Android phone to PC may result in loss of files
  • You may lose important files from your Android, because of abrupt removal of SD card from Android phones
  • Capturing of photos when your Android phone is on low battery mode might lead to loss of files from your Smartphone

Recovering Lost Files from Android

Here is an appropriate solution to recover lost files from Android device in all file loss scenarios with some minimum effort. Remo Recover for Android will assist you to recover lost files in few simple steps and you can connect your Android phone to either “Windows” or “Mac” system to retrieve lost files. Remo Recover for Android software enables you to restore lost files from Android Smartphone’s, Android tablets and other Android devices.

High-flying features of Remo Recover for Android:-

  • Scans both internal and external memory of Android Smartphone’s to recover missing files
  • Recovers lost documents, pictures, audios, videos and .apk files with ease from Android
  • Works successfully on all Android Smartphone brands like HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc
  • Software offers you to preview recovered files before storing them back to your phone

Safety measures:-

  • Use some good antivirus software to avoid virus infections that cause loss of vital files
  • Perform recovery process as soon as possible to avoid overwriting of lost data with new data
  • Avoid abrupt removal of memory card from Android phones to prevent loss of important files
  • Don’t use same memory card on different Android devices, it would lead to loss of valuable files

How to perform lost files recovery Android?

Step 1: : Install Remo Recover for Android tool on your PC. Then connect your Android device to system using a data cable or use card reader to insert memory card of Android device. Launch the installed software and select “Recover Lost files” option from main screen.

Android Recover Lost Files - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Then on the next screen select Android storage drive and click “Next” to begin scanning process.

Android Recover Lost Files - Select Android Drive

Figure B: Select Android Drive

Step 3:Once scanning process gets over you can view list of recovered files in two types of views which are “File Type view” and “Data View”.

Android Recover Lost Files - List of Recovered Lost Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Lost Files

Step 4: Finally save recover session to avoid rescanning of the drive in future.

Android Recover Lost Files - Save Recovery Session

Figure D: Save Recovery Session