Allview P5 AllDro Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recover Allview P5 AllDro data instantly

Brief specs of Allview P5 AllDro:

Allview P5 AllDro is a low range Smartphone which runs on Android Icecream Sandwich, consisting of 4.3 inch display IPS capacitive display. It has internal memory of 4 GB and 512 MB of RAM memory. It has an external microSD slot for additional storage of 32 GB expandable. The phone has a rear camera of 8 MP resolution and a front facing VGA camera.

If you happen to own an Allview P5 AllDro device and you want to perform Allview P5 AllDro recovery for delete / lost data from its internal and / or external memory, you’re at the right place. We shall guide you to restore Allview P5 AllDro data in an effective and easy way with the assistance of Remo Recover tool.

Performing Allview P5 AllDro restoration using Remo Recover tool:

Remo Recover for Android is a powerful data recovery tool especially designed for Android Smartphones that will help recover deleted / lost data. With this tool, you can easily restore songs, pictures, videos, document files, APKs and almost all types of files and folders that are lost or deleted. Read on to learn the causes for file deletion on your Android phone and how to perform Allview P5 AllDro recovery using Remo Recover software.

Causes for file deletion on your Android Smartphones:

There are many actions that can result in data deletion on your Android device or its memory card. Few of the most familiar ones are mentioned below.

  • Accidental or unintentional file deletion and formatting your Smartphone due to any reasons
  • Infection from virus or malware is one of the most common reasons that results in data deletion or corruption on any Android device
  • Receiving data from other devices that are virus / malware infected can cause deletion or corruption to your Smartphone’s data too
  • Connecting your mobile or its memory card on multiple platforms like different media players, computers, etc. can result in data deletion or corruption on your Android device
  • Removing and inserting the memory card frequently can cause the SD card to malfunction, leading to data deletion on that memory card
  • Faults in the device’s firmware and other weak apps can be a reason to delete your device’s data
  • Third party apps like Antivirus trying to scan and fix your device can erase any file that is found to be affected
  • Unknown reasons- There is always a chance that your phone’s data is lost despite best possible care taken. These are unknown scenarios and can’t be avoided.

You can perform Allview P5 AllDro recovery for devices affected with any of the above stated or any similar scenarios by using Remo Recover – the best data recovery app for Android Smartphones.

Allview P5 AllDro data recovery with the help of Remo Recover app:

If any data on your Android phone and its memory card gets deleted due to any of the stated or other similar actions, mostly the header of the deleted file is modified. The altered header file makes the deleted file to be invisible to the Android or any other operating system and considers the deleted file’s space as free available space on that memory drive. But factually, that file data remains intact until any other file replaces that deleted file. During data recovery action, Remo Recover app scans the entire phone or its memory card for any deleted files and re-alters it and presents it in a way that those files are again visible by Android OS and any other operating system. This way, with Remo Recover app, you retrieve Allview P5 AllDro files.

Steps to restore data on your Allview P5 AllDro by using Remo Recover app:

Step 1:Install and Run Remo Recover app on your computer and select appropriate recovery option from the main screen.

Restore Allview P5 AllDro  - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2:Select your Allview P5 AllDro storage medium and click on “Next” to begin recovery process.

Retrieve Allview P5 AllDro - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3:Once recovery process is done, you can view the recovered files in two different types of views - “File Type View” or “Data View”.

Allview P5 AllDro Restoration - List of Recovered Items

Figure C: Recovered Files

Step 4:You can preview recovered files using “Preview” option and finally store recovered files to any desired destination using "Save" option.

Allview P5 AllDro Data Recovery - Save Recovery Session

Figure D: Save Recovery Session